How to tell your boss you’re resigning to cycle the Pacific Coast Highway

James’s office building.

Posted by James

There are just two months to go until we start our bike ride down the west coast of the USA, which meant I had to resign from work.

I’ve quit jobs a couple of times before but I’ve never used the fact I’m going on a bike ride as a reason for leaving.

I’m lucky in that I like my job in communications, my boss is an inspiring chap and I enjoy the company of the people I work with, but it’s time to hang up the suit and tie for a while and quench that thirst for adventure.

So with some trepidation I took my boss aside and told him that after four years, two promotions and a lot of good times, I was leaving the office to cycle the Pacific Coast Highway. He was great, if a little surprised. He said some nice things, we shook hands and he wished me good luck.

And then suddenly this bike ride down the length of the USA I’d been thinking about doing for years became a reality. What had been my little secret plan was suddenly common knowledge, it was being talked about and there was no going back.

And the strange thing was, it made me a little scared. By quitting a well paid job I had turned my back on financial security, I had collapsed the safety net it provided and shunned a secure future at a workplace where I’m established and comfortable.

But I also felt exhilarated. I had taken control of life by cutting my own path through it. Safety and security have their merits, but I am standing alone, empowered with the knowledge that success or failure is down to me and no one else.

All this may sound a little melodramatic, it’s just a bike ride. right? Well yes, it is. But I’m a little bit proud of myself for taking a leap of faith in myself and my friend Pierre. By leaving the comfort zone of everyday life and backing ourselves to do something out of the ordinary.

All we need to do now is cycle 2,000 miles! We can’t wait!


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