Haven’t you gone yet?


Good food and great company the night before our flight to Canada.

After months of planning, training and daydreaming we’re finally ready to fly to Canada to begin our bike ride down the length of the USA’s Pacific coast.

It seems like a lifetime ago we began planning this trip and both of us are itching to get pedalling. We’ve bumped into quite a few people over the last few weeks whose opening remarks have been “haven’t you gone yet?”

Well, we’re nearly there! Our bikes have been dismantled and packed neatly in boxes and our panniers containing two months worth of kit are nestled safely in giant laundry bags slathered in parcel tape.

And both of us are sporting the shortest haircuts we’ve ever had. We look more like army recruits than free-spirited travellers!

James was determined to start the adventure with maintenance free hair, so a short back and sides it was! He doesn’t look to happy with it.

Last night we had a mini dinner party with our flatmates (there’s five of us in squeezed in here) before a taxi picks us up at 8.45am today and delivers us to Heathrow Airport.

Through the incredible generosity of our friends and family we’ve raised £400 sponsorship for Cancer Research UK and we haven’t even started cycling yet! Thank you so much to you all.

Our plan is to spend a couple of days in Vancouver so we can catch up with an old friend, buy cooking gear and reconnect with a shining city nestled between the mountains and the sea.

Haven’t you gone yet? Almost!


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