Vancouver to Port Townsend – three days into the Pacific Coast Highway

We’re three days into our cycle down the west coast of the USA and already America is living up to its reputation of being a beautiful country with incredibly friendly people.

We’ve passed by snowcapped mountains, endless miles of farmland stretching to the horizon and spectacular coastal roads with cliffs plummeting hundreds of feet below. Washington State has provided some of the most enjoyable riding we’ve ever done.

At one point we found ourselves in the middle of a road race among 2,000 cyclists heading for Seattle. We were asked hundreds of times where we are going, to which we answered ‘Mexico’ with cheery bravado.

We’re now sat in community cafe in Port Townsend, which is a arty, hippy town with a welcoming atmosphere. We’ve been fed free soup, lots of coffee and spoken to locals about living in this creative little place.


6 responses to “Vancouver to Port Townsend – three days into the Pacific Coast Highway

  1. Hey dude,
    That’s a hell of a long way to go to avoid Cycle SMART!! But good to see you are wearing a helmet (oh perhaps not) and wearing something bright – well okay it’s not really an adventure cyclist thing – but remember James Cracknell – he did both and look what happened to him – he ended up in a boat with Ben Fogle.
    Dude, looks like an amazing trip planned along PCH and really envious! Take good care and keep that carb intake up – not difficult in the States eh?

    • Cheers Nick, I’ve taken all those Cycle Smart tips and put them into action over here. I’ve kept the helmet on because the lorries and pick-ups are so huge over here that one tyre is often bigger than my whole bike. The ride has been fantastic so far. We’ve completed Washington State and have Oregon and California to go. I hope everything is good in Surrey and you’re keeping the Drive Smart end up, James.

  2. Hey boys looks like you are having a fab time although Karina has mentioned some sore behinds!!!! The free food looks good I will keep any eye on your adventures and look forward to your return. James- we are doing our best to look after Karina she is sat with me now with a bottle of cider xxxxx

    • Thanks Sophie, our bottoms are hardening up to life on the road. And thanks for looking after my lovely Karina. I miss her so much. Lets be sure to have a big dinner and wine when we get back. James.

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