The Ocean, hills and margaritas – we love Oregon


We’re sipping margaritas with the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean in the home of our new friends Mike and Linda and we can’t stop smiling.

The 40 mile ride from the campground at Fort Stevens, near Astoria, to Manzanita ended with three long climbs, which while not too steep, seemed to go on forever.

The rewards were stunning views over the Oregon coast from Highway 101 where endless beaches, sparkling waters and huge rock sea stacks blend to create a vision of natural beauty.

We got our first real glimpse of the ocean earlier in the day at Seaside, a bustling town boasting a huge sandy beach which on a sunny day was attracting tourists, buskers, skaters and sun bathers. It provided a stark contrast to the miles of forest and farmland we’d ridden through in Washington.

After a lunch of bread and cheese on the beach, it was tough to get back onto the bikes but we had a dinner invite to keep about 20 miles south along the 101.

We’ve been riding with our new friend Jennifer from Seattle for a few days now. She’s also cycling the Pacific Coast Highway and it’s been great to share the journey with her. Jennifer had invited us to stay with her friend’s parents Mike and Linda in Manzanita.


Pierre, Mike, Linda and James in Manzanita.

Arriving hot, sweaty and tired, we were met with huge smiles and in no time at all found ourselves sipping margaritas on a balcony gazing at a glorious Pacific Ocean sunset. Mike and Linda are incredibly warm and generous hosts. We feasted on the tastiest meal we’ve had since arriving in the USA, while enjoying red wine, great company and good conversation.

After the comfiest sleep in a week, we’re enjoying a rest day at Mike and Linda’s home before hitting the road again tomorrow along the Oregon coast and tackle a few more of those hills. But there might be time for another margarita or two first!


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