We’re in a movie and we haven’t even got to Hollywood yet!


We’ve been in the USA for less than two weeks and we’re already in a movie.

Thankfully acting skills weren’t required as we played two Englishmen cycling along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Our 15 minutes of fame came about through our new friend Jennifer who we’ve been riding with for the past week. She is being sponsored by cycle company Blackburn to ride the length of the USA and is being featured in a series of short films.

An hour after leaving Manzanita, where we’d spent a wonderful rest day with new friends
on the Oregon coast, we were met by filmmakers Dominic Gill and Nadia.

I (James) was looking forward to meeting them both as I’d enjoyed reading Dominic’s book Take A Seat a couple of years ago about his two year cycle from Alaska, down through Canada, the USA and South America on a tandem, picking up strangers to pedal with him along the way.

We assumed we wouldn’t be involved in the filming and were happy to hang back and watch the movie magic unfold but fellow Englishman Dominic told us to ride with Jennifer as we were an ‘authentic’ part of her journey.

So over the next two days Dominic and Nadia filmed us as we cycled along the magnificent Oregon coast past windswept beaches, through lush forests, up some steep climbs and even in cheese factory.

It was great fun being involved and fascinating to hear some of Dominic’s tales from the road. I’m not sure if Pierre and I will make the final cut, but I get the impression if we do, we may well provide the comic relief – particularly as we performed the truffle shuffle from the Goonies on camera!



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