Rain, rain and a bucket load of more rain


It has been raining for three days and every part of my body is soaked through.

Looking across at Pierre he looks drenched from head to toe. As Englishmen we’re used to cycling in the rain but on this journey we’re also living outside so there is little respite.

It’s hard to explain what it’s like to do everything in the rain, morning, noon and night. No matter how hard you try most things get wet and muddy when you cook, eat and sleep outdoors.

Despite this we’re still in good spirits and keeping reminding ourselves a little too regularly that we’re living out a dream, even if it is a very wet one. And the rain does keep the mosquitos away.

We camped at Beverley Beach State Park in Oregon last night, which is a large campground set in a forest. It’s a beautiful place but unfortunately the heavy downpour continued throughout the evening, night, morning and day.

Our tent which has previously withstood the elements has got wet on the inside, most likely from being packed away wet day after day and the sheer amount of rain falling on it.

We’ve also been battling a strong headwind over the past couple of days which has slowed our pace and meant we only covered about 30 miles today.

With all this in mind, we made the decision with Jennifer to sleep indoors tonight so we can dry off our tent and gear and start a fresh tomorrow.

So feeling cold, wet but still incredibly excited about cycling this incredible journey, we’re about to check in to a small cabin at the KOA campground at Waldport. With its bunk beds it’s not the Ritz but it’s going to feel like luxury to us.


One response to “Rain, rain and a bucket load of more rain

  1. you all look like drowned rats! I am glad that you are still enjoying this despit the rain………not much better here in France. love you loads son, all your efforts are for a good cause though, love and kisses, mum

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