Goodbye Oregon, hello Calfornia!


After cycling almost 800 miles we have reached our third and final state, California.

Despite this, we’re not even half way through our bike ride yet which shows how large California is.

Cycling through bike-friendly Oregon was an incredible experience as the landscape switched from imposing forests to coastal beauty that would be hard to beat anywhere in the world.

The state park campgrounds were cheaper and better run than in Washington and the showers were free! There were some tough climbs and epic downhills with eerie mist hovering low often providing an atmospheric setting.

On a long distance bike ride the days can often blend into each other as each twist and turn of the road unveils yet more awe-inspiring scenery. So when you reach a milestone like a state boundary it really gives you a boost.

After taking the obligatory tourist photographs at the ‘Welcome to California’ sign, we pedalled on to Elk Praire campground, following our maps, guide book and the Pacific Coast Highway sign posts.

The day ended with a pretty testing climb which had us crawling up hill at about 5mph before we were gifted a descent through a redwood forest that seemed to go on for miles.

Our isolated strip of tarmac meandered through a corridor of ancient forest with towering redwoods lining the road on both sides. Coasting downhill through such awe-inspiring scenery is why we do bike rides like this. It was an experience we’ll remember forever.

Following a night at Elk Prairie campground which had one of the best hiker/biker sites we’ve come across, we had a relatively easy 50 mile day to Eureka following side roads that mostly kept us off the 101 that has now become a freeway.

And tonight we are going to explore Eureka on our first night out on the town since we began this journey. After cycling around 800 miles I think we’ve earned it.


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