It’s the people that make the places so special


The Pacific Coast Highway attracts individuals from around the world, all with their own motivations for cycling this incredible journey.

Some people travel alone and others, like Pierre and myself, choose to ride with a friend. But however you decide to pedal down the USA, it’s likely you are going to meet some fascinating people along the way.

Like stones rolling down a hill, PCH cyclists often end up rolling together, gaining momentum as the numbers increase. The fleeting nature of life on the road means friendships bond quickly and burn brightly.

We’ve been riding and camping on and off with a group of fascinating people for about a week now in California and getting to know them has been a highlight of our ride. Their journeys have become part of ours and vice versa.

It is often said that travel expands the mind, but personally I think it is learning about the lives of the people you meet on the road that plays the largest role in expanding your horizons.

Here are some of the friends we’ve made over the past 1,000 miles on the road.


Jennifer we met just outside Potlatch, Washington, on our third day on the road and we’ve been riding together ever since. She has been the perfect travelling companion, always smiling, always interesting to talk to and for some strange reason she hasn’t got sick of spending time with Pierre and I yet.


Eric is a very cool guy we’ve been camping with and seeing on the road for a week of so now. A poet, a fluent French speaker, a bicycle mechanic and barista, he’s got a wise head and a great sense of humour. He’s travelling to San Francisco to study law, so if anyone is looking for a room mate, let him know.


Velocity, a scientist, is one of the smartest people I have ever met. She’s a free spirit cycling south to Chile. Wearing hiking boots and with very little gear, she travels lightly and observes the world in a beautiful way, finding meaning and metaphor in life that others wouldn’t see.


Sarah was living in Montreal before cycling the Pacific Coast Highway and plans to move to France. Despite the fact we’ve all been climbing gruelling hills and riding for many hours a day for weeks now, she always has a smile at the ready.


2 responses to “It’s the people that make the places so special

  1. Hello James, I like you’re blog very much. It’s a very nice experience that you are experiencing right now. And I agree very much with you’re last post. People, people, people like maorie says. Take care, and keep living the dream ! René Bilodeau

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