Bicycling with Dolphins along the Pacific Coast Highway


We arrived in San Francisco feeling fit, thin and wholesome after a month on the road.

What followed was a four day binge of eating, drinking and generally being merry with new and old friends. The eclectic city left a lasting impression on us both as well as our enlarged bellies.

So feeling bloated but having had enormous fun, we hit the road again for a short 30 mile ride to Half Moon Bay.

After taking photos of some rather sad looking bison in Golden Gate Park, we made the steady climb through the mega-suburb of Daly City, a faceless sprawl of identikit houses which provided a stark contrast to the vibrancy that defines San Francisco.

But you can’t travel far on California’s Pacific coast without stumbling upon the spectacular and our climbing efforts were soon rewarded when we spotted a pod of dolphins playing only a couple of hundred feet out to sea.

They too were heading south and we shadowed each other as we all cruised along the blissfully flat coast, stopping occasionally to watch the dolphins leap and dive.

Later in the day outside Half Moon Bay we spotted a piano stood on a cliff top field overlooking the ocean. Initially it seemed out of place but as I (James) sat there playing a made up tune breathing in the sea air, it seemed the perfect location to place a piano. And a little part of me hoped the dolphins were listening too.


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