Ignore the warnings – cycle Big Sur!


James and Pierre standing above the clouds. The background may look like the ocean but it’s actually fog.

If you ever get the chance to cycle through Big Sur, take it!

There will be those who warn you against the twisting highway, steep climbs and shoulderless roads with no barrier between you and the ocean 900ft below. But this is what makes it so much fun.

If it’s a clear day, each climb is rewarded with magnificent ocean views and breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Coast . Unfortunately for us, we left Monterey shrouded in a fog that didn’t lift all day.

After climbing one hill in particular, we stopped at a viewpoint and were helpfully told by a women that “this is the best view in the USA, so it’s a shame you can’t see it”.

Fortunately for us the next couple of days were clear and after taking a day off at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, we were able to experience bicycling along some of the most stunning views the Pacific Coast Highway has to offer.

We ended our Big Sur cycle at Kirk Creek campground which despite having no running water or showers was one of our favourite spots. Perched overlooking the ocean, we got to see one of the most stunning sunsets of our lives.

We also ate well that night when an incredibly generous couple camping opposite cooked us steak, bacon, mushrooms and onions for dinner which was the best meals we’d had in days. If they ever fancy a trip to London, we’d love to return the favour.


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