Whale watching over breakfast on the Pacific Coast Highway


Kirk Creek cemented itself as our favourite campground so far when we spotted a whale in the ocean as we sat and ate breakfast.

This also meant we hit the road an hour or so later than planned, but it’s not everyday you get to whale watch from the comfort of your tent.

The wildlife theme continued over the next couple of days as we saw huge, fat elephant seals basking on a beach and caught glimpses of dolphins playing in the water.


While looking at the seals from the roadside, we were jolted from our wildlife watching by the sound of a siren. It seems that after we had pulled over, a gaggle of cars then parked up illegally behind us to look at the fat sea creatures. A uniformed ranger blamed us for encouraging others to park alongside the highway and, in a firm but friendly tone, told us to move on.

After climbing a couple of 800ft hills, the rest of the 40 mile ride to San Simeon State Beach campground was flat. Apart from the nearby Hearst Castle, there wasn’t too much of interest in the area so the next day we moved onto Morro Bay where we took a much needed day off to do laundry.


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