The end of our Pacific Coast Highway bike ride


After cycling more than 2,000 miles from Canada to Mexico along the USA’s Pacific Coast Highway, we’ve finally reached the finish line.

We pedalled up to the Mexican border at San Ysidro feeling a concoction of elation, relief, pride and sadness that this incredible adventure is now over.

As finish lines go, it was a little surreal. We were stood still amid a river of bodies and blur of freeway traffic travelling through a border patrolled by tough looking men and women with guns.

Hubrdeds of people hurriedly walked past us with purpose, each on a journey of their own but for the first time in a long time, we weren’t on one. Our journey had ended.


It was the end of a 50 mile ride that began that morning at San Elijo State Beach. My (James) excitement at starting our last day was tempered by Pierre’s grogginess at getting very little sleep due to a punctured air mattress.

A sharp caffeine intake soon perked him up and we found ourselves gliding along the Pacific coast, powering up the last hills of our journey as if they weren’t there. We are both now fitter than we have ever been thanks to this bike ride and our confidence has grown because of it. We’ve also lost so much weight that our clothes don’t fit us anymore.

We cycled the length of Mission Beach along its bike path and pedalled into sun-drenched San Diego, past turquoise marina waters, alongside aircraft carriers on the city harbour front and through industrial ship yards further south.

On leaving San Diego we wound our way through a maze of residential streets for miles before reaching bustling San Ysidro. Compared to the shining city we had just left, it looked shabby but I liked the energy of the busy border town and its Mexican feel.


And then, a simple left turn at a set of traffic lights heralded the end of our two month, 2,000 mile cycling adventure. There was Mexico in front of us. A giant national flag waved majestically in the wind, behind which the city of Tijuana sprawled in numerous shades of brown as far as the eye could see. We had reached the end. Our adventure was over.


14 responses to “The end of our Pacific Coast Highway bike ride

  1. Great trip… congratulations to both of you… it’s been cool following your journey… really envious… and might I say Mr Oxley… looking in mighty fine shape!

    • Cheers Nick. It’s been a great journey and a lot of fun. Thanks for following us to see what we’ve been up to. And cheers for the kind words. It feels good to be able to eat burgers and still lose weight!

  2. Fantastic guys, looks like you’ve had an amazing time…and all for a great cause too! Not sure when you’re back in Kingston but its Charlie’s leaving drinks on 22 August if you fancy sharing some tales with the team.

    • Thanks Pat. It’s been an incredible journey and it feels a little strange now it’s over. And thanks for following the blog. I’d very much like to catch up at Charlie’s leaving drinks. I’ll be back in the country and will come along.

  3. l was lucky to meet you guys. Since then I have had two Pacific Coast Riders who told me they were following you. Best of luck and keep on riding! Rita in Santa Cruz

  4. Brilliant guys, have read back a few pages and love the blog and all the pictures!! Great work. Hope you have a safe flight home. In gutting news – the Dodge went back to rental at 5pm tonight and the one we have now just isn’t the same!! Take care. Joe, from the hostel!!

    • Cheers Joe, thanks for taking a look at the blog. You boys did look damn cool in that Dodge! I reckon you should trade the Clio in when you get home. Happy travels, James and Pierre

  5. Great job, guys. So glad you guys got to do this…I’m back in Boston trying to work on others to follow suit 🙂
    Hudson, Boston

    • Thanks Hudson. It was great seeing you on the road. It feels a bit strange to be back in London instead of riding the bike everyday. Good luck with planning your next trip. We’ll hopefully meet you by the roadside again one of these days! James

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